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I'm Meghan

Girl Boss, ripped jean addict, and believer in girl power!

Not to mention coffee drinker, pug lover, and online business OBSESSED. Right now I’m probably hanging out on the couch – typing away on my laptop or bothering my boyfriend – in my uniform of ripped jeans and barefeet. I’m a big dreamer, sometimes procrastinator, and HUGE family person. I’m just trying to build businesses that I love – and find my tribe along the way – and if you’re trying to do the same, then I know we’ll be great friends.

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been there. Less than a year ago though, I was basically a mess of self-doubt, unhappiness, and paralyzing fear. Why? Because I hated my 9-5 and I knew that I was meant for something more but was terrified that I would never get it. But I followed my entrepreneurial heart and VOILA, here we are. It wasn’t easy but it’s possible.  And now I want to hold your hand through the same transformation – scared, unhappy, and uninspired to fulfilled, passionate, and FUN again.

What will you find here? Let me tell ya…

1. REAL business advice (no fluff and filler) to help you get traffic, subscribers, and ultimately customers.

2. a REAL person on the other end of the screen who gets your worries, your ambitions, and your dreams. Because I’ve been there friends and I’ve got you.

3. a translator who sorts through all the marketing/online business information overload and helps you decide what applies to YOUR business

4. an online friend who CARES whether or not you achieve your goals (hint hint: stick with me and you will)!


Let’s do this.