Is blogging still relevant?

In today’s day & age, can you make money blogging? Is the market too saturated? Are too many people trying to blogging a career? Should I even put my two cents in? Does anyone care? Does blogging still work?

This is the crazy thought spiral I would get in when I first started blogging. It would drive me crazy because I wanted so so badly to make my blog a full-time gig. So I bet that most of you have these concerns too, so let me ease your mind.

Does blogging still work? YES. Can you make a living doing it? YES. You just have to do it right and this is the blog that can help you figure out how! 😊

Why Blogging is Still Relevant

Yes, blogging still works. Each and every day more businesses and individuals are using blogs to launch their businesses. Why?

Why Blogging Works

And these are the MAIN things you need to run a successful business. With more and more of our lives migrating online, now is actually a GREAT time to start building your brand and business online before everyone realizes how awesome it is to run your own online business. Because, on a real note, there is nothing better. Working online for yourself = freedom of so many different kinds.

Most importantly, running your own business from your computer gives you more time and space to live your life, which is what it’s all about.   


Common Blogging Myths

Common Blogging Myths

Competition = interest. Not always, but most of the time. If someone else is doing what you want to do – and making money off of it – then that’s a good sign that there is interest in that area. It means that there are people who will want to read your stuff and potentially buy your products. I would actually be more worried if there was no competition – it would also mean that no one probably cares.

In this internet age, there is very little that hasn’t been done. If you’re waiting around for a completely original idea, then you’ll be waiting a long time. Just because someone else is covering the same topics, it doesn’t mean there is no room for your voice. Do it BETTER or find a different angle. Infuse your own personality and try to attract a different type of reader.

You can also look at other people in your industry and use what they’ve already done to see whats working – and what isn’t. Competition is not necessarily a bad thing. You can actually use it to create a better business.

Common Blogging Myths

Ehhhh. Wrong. You don’t need to know everything when you’re just getting started. You can learn – that’s half of the work when you’re creating a new blog.

And even if you’re not known as an expert yet, your blog helps to give you that trust and expert status! You just have to know enough to teach someone coming up behind you – and as you learn more, you can share more.

Common Blogging Myths

Can I really do this? What if I’m somehow different than other successful people? What if I’m missing that ‘thing’ that they must have?


There is no magic thing that makes an entrepreneur or a successful person. Every successful blogger is a real person with both great qualities and gaping flaws. Some of them are procrastinators, some of them are negative, and some of them aren’t very nice. And some people who have tried to make it blogging, and failed, have been super smart. They’ve been very passionate. They have been business minded.

But that doesn’t mean anything. With blogging, the key is persistence and the ability to adapt. You need to be able to learn and grow and keep going.

And let me tell you, persistence doesn’t come easy to me. I’m a procrastinator, a chronic quitter, a dreamer who often lacks the motivation to actually do. But I’ve been able to build businesses. Why? Not because I’m the smartest or the most knowledgeable or the most deserving. But because I work hard, I’ve taught myself how to understand online business, and I’ve tried to connect with other people like me to help keep me on track. I can recognize my weaknesses and I keep pushing until I get what I want. It’s not easy but I’m not special. Anyone can do it and some of you may actually have an easier time than me – or different qualities that you need to cultivate within yourself.

Common Blogging Myths

Well, yeah. This is kind of true. But this is a small percentage of people who are blogging. But it’s not a small percentage of people who are doing the right things.

I always refer back to a study done by ProBlogger, where he surveyed a portion of his readers to see how many were making money from their blogs and how much. And at first glance, it can be a bit discouraging.

Only 9% of his audience makes $1000+ a month and 4% make $10,000+ a month. Those statistics aren’t so hot. BUT they’re also very lacking. We don’t know much about these people – what monetization strategies their using, what their niches and content look like, how much they market and what platforms they build communities on. There is not enough information on here to get a clear picture of how realistic it is to make money blogging. If only 4% of you are really dedicated, then only 4% of you will succeed. But I don’t believe that out of 100 dedicated people, only 4% will be successful. So don’t be discouraged by irrelevant statistics. Blogging takes work and time, but you can make money doing it.

But if you’re just writing blog posts about whatever you want and waiting for advertisers to reach out to you? DUH you’re not going to make much money and DUH it’s going to take you a while and DUH you’re not going to be in that small percentage of people who are making big money blogging.

But if you’re actively promoting, writing the right kind of content that your audience wants to read, and selling a product or a service that meets their needs??? How can you not make money? Seriously. How can you not? 

People overcomplicate blogging and how to make money doing it. I outline what successful blogging looks like in the next few paragraphs but I honestly believe that with the right strategies (which I teach here) and perseverance, your chance of being successful increases exponentially. So this kind of statistic is totally irrelevant to me – and should be to you too.


What You Need to do DIFFERENTLY to Blog Successfully

The NEW Blogging Strategy


Treat your blog like a business – because it is. 

Take one of my personal favorite bloggers – Janni Deler. She’s a lifestyle/travel blogger – which, in her case, basically means that she just blogs about her life. She shows the things she wears, the places she goes, her day-to-day. The actual posts she writes are not much more than a paragraph long.

This works for her because she’s established. She has a following of people who care about what she’s doing, wearing, eating, whatever. They would probably read a post about anything because they don’t care as much about the content – they care about her.

So if you duplicated this strategy, would it work? Not likely. At least not right away. If you’re new on the scene with no following and no authority, people aren’t getting any value from just reading whatever you feel like writing. It will take a long time to build a following this way and even longer to start earning from your blog.

The bottom line: you can’t write about whatever, whenever. So what does work in blogging now?


The Formula for a Money-Making Blog

Every blog is different, but some things stay the same. You need to think of your blog like the business that it is and plan your posts strategically to help build that business.

Does Blogging Still Work?

This formula has two parts. The first will get you email subscribers, which are the bread and butter of your business. They are your future customers and the people you’ll help to earn your income. So how do you attract them? With 4 things:

  1. A specific niche. You need a clear idea of who you are writing for and what you want to do for them. Take this blog – I’m writing for women who want to build blogs that make money! It’s very targeted and clear to me. Once I know who my audience exactly is, I can focus on attracting them, which I do with:
  2. Great content. Now that you have a specific group in mind, write things that they want to read to bring them to your blog.
  3. Something free in exchange for an email address. Now that they’re on your blog, you need to find a way to bring them into your community. What better than to give them something that they need for FREE! All they have to do is sign up with their email. It’s win-win.
  4. A bit of self-promotion. You’ve written some great posts and you’re giving away something helpful for free – perfect. Now you need to get your blog in front of your specific audience. Where do they hang out and how can you bring them to your blog?

If you use these tactics, you’ll have email subscribers, but then what? Where does the money come in?

Does Blogging Still Work?

You need to take those email subscribers and turn them into buyers.

  1. A relevant product. You know these people! They’re part of your community and you write posts to serve them. So it’s time for you to figure out what they need that you can provide. Is it a certain result like a leaner body? Or is it a problem solution like a makeup brush that doesn’t fray? Find something that they’re looking for and create it for them.
  2. An email sales sequence. Once you’ve made a product for them, you need to let them know about it and how it will help them. Launch your product to your list with a series of emails and you’ll start seeing sales!

If you have these 6 elements, you can make a profitable blog. I really believe it.

So, does blogging still work?

I believe that blogging still works but I don’t believe that you can write whatever you want and expect to make money – especially not quickly. I’ve been there, done that. It didn’t work for me. But when I implemented this formula in my business and started getting people onto my email list, I saw things turn around. I’m not saying that you need to launch a product next week – but you should be thinking about building the RIGHT type of blog from the start.

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