video of me at the studio – changing clothes. angles from behind in the mirror, from the front. close up of my face. then video of me designing websites (on the floor in the studio, as i cook in the kitchen, sitting on the stairs, laying on the floor of the studio). overlay music and talking about web design. order a little mic from amazon. 

I change my mind like I change my clothes – multiple times a day. as i’ve been building my brand the last 2 years, i’ve gone through at least 4 redesigns – which could have cost me thousnds of dollars in themes + designers. With other themes + web designers, changing your mind will be expensive. It means a new theme, or paying your designer to build something new. 

That’s why Girl Biz Online is different. Not only are you getting a website theme, you’re getting the training, tutorials, and software to make any customizations youself – no coding knowledge required.

So change your mind – and change it again. Redesign your brand, add pages + services. Integrate products or bookings or a whole new side of your business. Wherever your journey takes you, you’ll be able to adapt to the changes – and it won’t cost you a thing.

girl biz online is different because 

1. you’ll never need to use coding to get a beautiful style. 

✧ we don’t just build you a website – we help you create an unforgettable BRAND. clarify your brand image, language + goals. then use the elements from our design to create a consistent brand presence. 

1. gifs + other interactive elements make you website eye-catching + unforgettable for your visitors. 

2. built with marketing expertise in mind. im more than a web designer, i’m an entrepreneur who puts the best copy strategies, opt-in secrets, and funnel tactics into place. 

3. built with divi – meanign you can see all your changes as you’re making them. and we give you the divi knowledge to make future updates + redesigns on your own. Uness you need some styling help – in which case, we’re here for you.

I. Come up with your unique, memorable brand experience.

Selling happens through feeling. It’s through a relationship with your visitor, through your language, and through the emotions you evoke in them. “I can do this”. “I need this”. “This person can help me achieve this goal”. Let’s identify what you want to make your audience feel and how we can bring that to life through your website. 

We’ll nail down colors, elements, and branding that you can use across social + other platforms. A consistent brand look + feel that will help you inspire + SELL. 

II. The design begins.

I take everything we’ve talked about and start designing. I’ll keep you posted as we lock in some design elements. The homepage comes first – because that’s the hub of the biz. Once you’ve approved the homepage, I’ll move through the rest of your website design. 

I’ll also be taking video for you over any design elements that you might want to tweak or that can be complicated. When your theme is handed over, any customizations will be simple. You’ll have all the documentation from the process to help you along. 

III. Within 7 days, the site is yours.

Average turnover time is seven days, due to the level of detail that comes with every GBO design. After this time period, the site is complete and it’s yours to use and love. 

At this point, you’ll also get exclusive access to my Divi tutorial library. Any question you could have about Divi and your new website should be answered there. 


 Premade Themes

✧ A done-for-you website but lacking the customizability. 

✧ If you want the amazing Divi framework and the ability to see your website as you edit it, the cost is $89 a year, not including the cost of a theme. So for themes with the same ease-of-use and customizability of GBO, you’ll be looking at a minimum cost of $150. 

✧ Other people are able to use the same template – meaning your website won’t truly stand out with you making lots of changes.



 A GBO Website

✧ a stunningly designed, interactive website that your visitors will never forget. 

✧ GIFs, shadow, depth effects, and other unique, customized elements that will make your website stand out. 

✧ access to the training + expertise that will allow YOU to make any/all future web design changes. no coding required.

✧ a design that incorporates marketing strategy to ensure that your website drives subscribers + sales.

✧ Divi Framework ($89/year value) included for free.

✧ Access to my private Divi + Web Design Tutorial Library

✧ Save $50+ a month on leadpage + pop up software – your design comes with Bloom pop-ups plugin + you can built gorgeous leadpages on your own website.


 Other Designers

✧Some companies are charging HUGE money for custom web designs – and while you might get a great product, it won’t be as customized as what you’ll get from GBO. 

✧ Not to mention, with GBO you get access to the training that allows YOU to make all changes. You won’t have to come back to your developer to make adjustments – you’ll have the expertise and tutorials to do it yourself. 


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✧ Brianna

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✧ Brianna